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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Red Chamber performs Oliver and Cage on Cross-Canada Tour

Red Chamber, a Vancouver based Chinese plucked string quartet, is launching its spring tours across Canada. The tours will include concerts on Vancouver Island, the Maritimes, Toronto, southern Ontario, and Northwest Territories. Billed as “Secret of the Chinese Court and Passion of the World”, the concert program is a mix of stunning melodies of ancient China with fiery picking of North American folk tunes. The concerts also feature Canadian compositions written for the group, including John Oliver’s A Dream of Africa (2008), Moshe Denburg’s Dark Red Ruby, (2009), Farshid Samandari’s Of Water and Stone, (2009) Craig Day’s Gu Shi, 2007, and Randy Raine-Reusch’s Daton Jelut (2008). Red Chamber will perform a special concert of Canadian compositions at UBC’s Noon concert series on March 31st. The program also includes John Oliver’s arrangement of the first movement of Three Dances, a landmark work by John Cage (1945), played on the prepared Chinese plucked strings.

For more details, please visit Mei Han's web site.
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