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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Turning Point Ensemble's three podium pieces

Tomorrow night, Wednesday, February 24, 2010, the Turning Point Ensemble will premiere my new work, Five-ring Concerto, which they commissioned for the Cultural Olympiad (Vancouver Playhouse, 8 pm; tix here). On the program, audience will also hear Arnold Schoenberg's Chamber Symphony for 15 soloists and John Adams' Son of Chamber Symphony. This unique program features three works of approximately the same length with similar goals: active, engaging and challenging chamber music. All pursue an active and ever-changing discourse. It's the kind of intelligent music that makes you smile because of the incredible invention throughout. Although intelligent in design, cerebral it is not.

There are many challenges for the musicians. All three works could be named "concerti" in the sense that all the musicians must step up to the plate, bring a common intensity of effort to carry it off. Every musician is engaged in the conversation. There are lots of solos tumbling through the music, in all of the pieces, and amazing ensemble moments. Those familiar with the music of Schoenberg and Adams will be happy to hear this caviar of their output and some echoes of their other works.

I am very pleased with my entire experience working with the Turning Point Ensemble and their conductor Owen Underhill. The sports theme of my own work has been fun to work with and has established an inspired atmosphere. This band is ready to rock the Playhouse on Wednesday night. I hope to see you there.
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