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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MINIMUSICA: 15 Concert Studies for Classical Guitar GROUP BUY

In conjunction with John Oliver's participation in the Northwest Guitar Festival, is offering a GROUP BUY of the score for "Minimusica: 15 Concert Studies for Classical Guitar" until May 31. Sign up now to also receive a free copy of the new publication "Sarabandas."

Northwest Guitar Festival 2010 – Conclusion

Northwest Guitar Festival 2010 – Conclusion

A post from Bradford Werner, a member of the Victoria Guitar Trio, who, together with Victoria Conservatory of Music guitar department head Alexander Dunn, performed my guitar quartet PRISMOPHONY on Friday night.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Northwest Guitar Festival performance of PRISMOPHONY guitar quartet

The Northwest Guitar Festival has been a real pleasure. Taking place in Victoria, BC, Canada from April 9 - 11, the festival features a guitar competition, concerts, and master classes. I have been Guest Composer at this edition. Here's a brief report from the first two days.

My presentation "The Music of John Oliver" was a success and I think prepared the participants in the festival (and audience) not only for the appearance of my music on the program, but also other contemporary works. I was glad to hear from audience that they were fascinated by my story of a life in music that begins with classical guitar, moves to electronic music, operas and symphonies, and then back to classical guitar, with the influence of all of these filtering back into some of the new guitar music.

The performance of my guitar quartet PRISMOPHONY by Alex Dunn and friends on Friday night was excellent. The audience appreciated my spectral canon technique that is featured in three of the work's four movements. It's wonderful to create musical structures that take the listener on a journey to a rarified sonic place that might be called "avant-garde," but to do so in a sonic context that baths the listener in resonant sound that is soothing, yet in constant motion.

Last night featured great performances by two outstanding guitarists: Stephen Lochbaum and Janet Grohovac, playing beautifully programs of challenging favourites of the guitar repertoire. Both former Alex Dunn students, their tone and approach to phrasing show the power and strength we might expect from his best students.

2 pm concerts by Continuum Consort, Victoria Guitar Trio, Oberon Trio and Duo Verdejo all offered varied and mixed programming, with a lot of new music. No time for a "review" but suffice to say that there were no real disappointments in any of these concerts.

Must run. More activities today.
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