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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hot Tempered Clavier recording released on Bruce Mather Double-CD

Listen to Fantasie No. 1 from the Hot Tempered Clavier by John Oliver.

Bruce Mather’s new Double-CD “Music in thirds and sixteenths of tones” features my Hot Tempered Clavier, a reworking of the famous Bach Well-Tempered Clavier for Mather's 16th of tone piano. (That would be 96 keys per octave. The piano has a range of one octave.) In this work, I “compose the temperament.” Bach's goal in his Well-Tempered Clavier was to play music in any key on a single keyboard, using the new equal-tempered tuning system. (Previously, musical tunings were purer in sound but instruments needed to be retuned if the music was in a different key.)  I have taken the first and second of the Bach preludes and fugues and reworked them so that the temperament moves from 12-tone equal-temperament (ET), through various divisions (24, 48, and 96 divisions) into what I call “spectral tuning” at the cadences. Your ears will stand up on end!

Also contains music by Wychnegradsky, J.E. Marie, J. Burke, M. Patch, G. Tremblay, J. Desjardins, M. Gonneville, O. Gagnon, J. Winiarz, and Bruce Mather himself.

The CD is published by SNE (SNE-667-CD) and can be purchased by emailing the company: sne_poirierATsympaticoDOTca

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